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Hello and welcome

Welcome to the story of my – or should I say our – business. That’s because I have my kids to thank for inspiration.

Growing up in rural Ireland, I was surrounded by textures and colours. In college, I was really taken with tapestry as a process. Sculptural textiles is where my heart is.

It was through the early years with my children that I started to look at their drawings and I made my first dolls Lula and Jack. This is where the idea for turning children’s drawings into softies, family dolls, cushions and framed embroidery came to life.

The name Scatterpillar comes from my son. When my son and daughter were teeny, the nasturium plant had lots of green things (caterpillars) on it. I brought them over and my son on seeing them piped up “scatterpillars”. I loved the name and thought, if I start a business, this is what I wanted to call it.

Looking forward to carrying on the adventure with you.

Jacinta & Familyxxx

Hi, I am Jacinta Leigh,
the designer/maker at Scatterpillar Designs

My children’s drawings are the
inspiration behind my work in design.

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