All aboard the spooky express

“All aboard the Spooky Express” was heard from the  solemn looking victorian gentleman, who stood on the platform. A fog was creeping onto the platform, as my daughter grabbed hold of me as tight as she could. “Mum please stop taking photos, put down the camera, I am TERRIFIED”…

This is coming from the same child, full of beans at 6.45 the same morning announcing to me and the whole world ” it’s HALLOWEEN…”

We decided to get tickets to go down to The Spooky Express” in Waterford & Suir Valley Railway earlier in the month. We have over the years been on the santa train, but decided this was the year to bring them on The Spooky Express without them jumping out of their skins. How wrong was I….


Father and son


We arrived in plenty of time and our daughter ran off down towards the train. She came running back “I want to go home”. “No-one else is dressed up”, we managed to coax her to come back down with us.


Scary zombie at the spooky express

She ate her words on the way down or should I say a zombie ate her words, she was terrified of him. She threatened to hit him with the umbrella she had. Then we met his victorian friends….


The resident zombie and his victorian friends.


Proud as punch with their costumes.

Our son was the calm resilient type, who took the mime art business very seriously, as you can see in the photos…


Our son’s drawing of a mime artist

After all he had the idea for the look we should all have for the face paint. This is his drawing he handed to me mid week.Our daughter decided on taking over being the stylist.

We stood waiting on the platform waiting nervously to hear the noise of the train.quinnwaitingforthewaterfordghosttrain16insta


The train came and we all boarded, only some survived the zombie attack…


listening to a tale of a haunted train journey before we go on our journey.


We heard a very scary story before boarding the spooky express.

My daughter was stuck to me like glue. I couldn’t do anything, but calm her before the train set off. To make matters worst my daughter and myself locked eye contact, when we heard  a woman’s voice from the other open carriage say “I felt something on my leg”. I am terrified of my own shadow. so when I heard this, I was imagining they had someone underneath the seats. So that thought of “jumping out of our skins” wasn’t wrong to say!…

After hearing this the train set off into the darkness, my son and husband facing us. They seemed fine, maybe just on the surface. I think everyone on board was a bit tense. I know I was sitting in from the edge and we all seemed to huddle together towards the middle. cormacandquinnaboardwaterfordholloweentrainblogwm16

As the train slowed down, there was a few screams as we crawled towards our fate. Scary clowns are in the news and a few are on the run down in waterford.


We managed to escape the scary clowns only to hear the distant noises of a chainsaw. We came upon a funeral procession, which had someone running around yielding a chainsaw. My daughter had a grip so tight to me there was no chance of escaping her, to take any photos.

They was lots more scary things that go bump in the darkness of the woodlands. But as we passed the river on the far side of us, it really did look very tranquil, that is until the train slowed down again.


This is when things got  really bad for one child on the train….


My son who was calm up until now, turned to me and said “Mum what are they going to do with him?”.  As we witnesses the child being pulled off the train by a deranged looking individual.  The boy was tied up and brought over to the fire.


Looking back at the fire and the child, I didn’t answer his question…


As we pulled into the station again, everyone blew out a sign of relief. My daughter let go of her tight grip and the next morning  I was left with a reminder on my upper right arm of Holloween. Two small bruises about the size of my daughters hand….






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