Personalised soft toy created from birthday boy’s drawing

One very happy face, was followed today by a very happy birthday boy. I love working on commissions, as you never know what you are going to be presented with. It’s all one big surprise for me and for the child at the end of the process.

The character that I brought to life this time had a big grin literally from ear to ear…



My children loved his eyes. Whilst sewing, I wasn’t sure what way I was going to sew the eyes, whether to work it freestyle machine or applique. But it reminded me of the children’s story from Hans Christian Andersen called The Tinder box.

may161closeupofeyewmIn the story the soldier meets three dogs and each one has huge eyes. One dog has eyes as big as windmills. 

I received a picture this morning of the birthday boy with his creation. His mum said he had a very happy face and was grinning from ear to ear, just like his character.


If you would like a similar commission just click on this link to see all our personalised gifts in our Gallery.  You can choose from a soft toy, cushion or framed artwork. You can send your child’s drawing through our order form here or send me a message on our facebook page.

We also have a range of softies, cushions and framed work that are from my own kids imagination, which can be bought in our online shop. Payment is by paypal, just contact me directly by email

Looking forward to seeing more characters brought to life….




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