Butterfly kisses



There were butterfly kisses from our children last week. We decided as a family to pay a visit to The Straffan Butterfly Farm. It was a very special day, as it was our son and their big brothers birthday.  Nine years ago, we said hello and goodbye all in a space of a couple of days. It is something no parent should have to do, each year brings a flood of memories.

We are so glad we chose the butterfly farm, as it really felt special and the children loved looking at all the different butterflies. It is run by Des and Iris Fox. We met and spoke to Iris on our visit. She said for the past 31 years they have open the doors to part of their home and a big part of their lives.

There is an educational area where we got to look at lots of different types of butterflies and also some live creatures.


Leopard Geeko

straffanbutterflyfarmstickinsect15Like the Leopard Geeko, some strange looking stick insects or a rather friendly snake trying to find a way out of his glass home.


Smiles all round…

Our children were very attentive for the video, which gives the life cycle of the Butterfly. I think they got top marks from us, for sticking with it. At the end , we agreed that it was very interesting.


Showing the eggs under the leaf.

Then it was time to go into the tropical house to meet (not touch) some of the butterflies, we had learn’t about. Beautiful, so fragile and we were in awe of the different colours. We got to see the eggs,


Meeting the Scatterpillars?


An army of Pupae….

the caterpillars eating, the pupae and the butterflies.


I just like seeing the world upside down….It makes it all the more interesting..

The children really enjoyed the whole experience and it really is worth a visit. Sadly this is the final year, so put it on your to do list for the summer holidays. You won’t be dissappointed, we promise.