Weaving on a hula hoop frame with recycled T-shirts part 2

This is part 2 of weaving on a hula hoop frame with T-shirts. We introduced a new colour after a couple of rows. After the colour white the kids decided to choose the rainbow colour. We were lucky enough to have a rainbow tie dyed T-shirt. I showed them another weaving technique called Soumak. weavingdreamcatchertechniquewm



After this we used some left over fleece from the softies I make. We choose orange. We cut strips 1 inch by 5inches long. My daughter said she wanted to make it like the sun. Her playdates agreed.



After a lot of debating over whether to do the tufting all the way around, it was decided to do it just half the way around in orange.




It’s great for the children to see this starting to come together as a piece bit by bit, it starts to grow over time.

We did a bit of thinking outside the box and one of the days, we were using air drying clay. We discussed maybe putting some on the dream catcher.



Weaving on a Hula hoop frame with kids



Old recycled T-shirts cut into strips and rolled up into balls

Weaving on a hula hoop is so much fun to do with your kids. It was something we started during the summer holidays. We decided to use little frames first just to get used to the principals of weaving.


One of my children’s friends weaving on a frame.

I was doing a summer clean out from their wardrobes, so I had lots of old t-shirts in bright colours which decided to keep for weaving. Just cut them up 1 inch thickness, cut back and forth across the t-shirt to make one long ball of fabric to use.


Diagram of warp and weft used for tapestry and weaving

If you never did weaving before, you need a warp, which runs vertical and a weft, which runs horizontal.  The warp is what you set up using string or you can use the strips of t-shirts. I personally think the string was better, as it’s not as stretchy and less likely to slide around.


Our hula hoop frame with the warp finished and ready to weave upon

Unlike weaving on a wooden frame, with this you don’t use one continuous piece of string. It’s individual pieces of string that are stretched across the frame and tied on the other side.


The hula hoop frame on our multi-coloured patio…

Once you have it set up you can begin to weave. The kids loved this and we decided to use the two colours above. Whilst we were weaving with their two friends, my son decided to go outside and with chalks he started to draw flags from around the world, hence the colourful background behind the weaving!. This is my patio..




Studying the flags of the world and drawing them out on our drive way




I think with children, art and craft activities never turn out how you expect. I love just allowing them explore. They can teach us a thing or two along the way.  So if that means putting the weaving down for a while to draw on the pavement go ahead…








I will continue this in another post next Sunday night.

Jacinta &co xx






Marbling inks with kids

I decided to buy marbling inks for the kids during the summer. I thought in between summer camps and day trips it would be an interesting art activity to make with them.

Here is a list of what you needmarblingstirringinkwm

Old T-shirts

A tray we used an old pyrex dish



Marbling inks


Fill the tray with water. Allow your child to choose the colours, squeeze the different colours they have choosen into the tray. A small amount is needed from the different bottles.

marblingstirringwmOnce this is done your child can use a paintbrush to move the ink around and create a pattern or sometimes, we left the little droplets without touching them.

Gently pat the paper in the tray

Gently pat the paper in the tray

Now you can hold one corner of the paper and take it up out of the tray. This is where a big smile should  spread across your kids face once they see the patterns they are creating.pullingitupfrominkwm

marblingpullingitupwmAs one of our friends children was starting a big adventure in secondary school, we decided to send some cards to her. So the kids choose from all the different patterns.

Lots of beautiful paper

Lots of beautiful paper

They decided to draw and use some of the paper like a collage. Just tear up some of the sheets and stick them with pritt stick to the drawing.

marbling inks, fun with you kids

Using markers and different coloured paper to make a card.

Marbling Inks, fun with your kids

One of the cards made for our friend

Now be careful when your child hands you a blocked tube of ink. If like me you squirt it and an explosion happens, you look at your kids either side of you splattered with orange ink.  I don’t have any photographic evidence of this. But what you do then is laugh, because that is what this is all about it’s  about having fun with your kids….

Jacinta & Family xx


Wishi washi houses…

littlehouseswm16 copy

Making the wishi washi houses

littlehouseswm163 copy

All in a row…


It’s all in your hands

Wishi washi houses so named by my kids. My kids had another crafty idea over the weekend with little visitors. My kids showed our little guests how to make cute little houses. They had great fun colouring them in.












All you need is:

Tiolet rolls


Hard card

Washi tape in different colours.

It’s great as a rainy day project and why not join in yourself and make a little wishi washi house.




Easter bread people


Meet the Easter bread people. We had great fun this morning making these motley crew.

I don’t know about you, but this picture  is a bit like what we are feeling like after all the Easter eggs.

I came across this idea on Mary Berry’s Easter programme during the week. It was so clever, I thought we should give it ago for breakfast on Easter morning.

DSC_0029The kids and my parents joined in cutting out the little people.

  • DSC_0034What’s really lovely is the kid’s  went outside collected the eggs from the chickens. The little Easter people hug the eggs and they bake whilst the bread is baking.DSC_0057

  1. They really were great fun to make and everyone came up with different variations.DSC_0049I really think it will become a family tradition  for Easter breakfast, all thanks to Mary Berry.😉
  2. DSC_0072DSC_0080

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Let’s get crafty…



Let’s get crafty.

Last week, the kids had a friend over on a play date. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but for me it means one eye on the kids while I get sucked into the housework: the boring mundane reality of cooking, washing etc, etc. I wish little gremlins would come out and magically do it for us parents.

We decided the chores could wait and we were all going to have a bit of fun. I was shopping during the week and bought a load of art materials, including key rings. I gave the kids a look at what was on the table and they decided on the key rings. They began by sketching their ideas.

Mmmm What will I draw next..

Mmmm What will I draw next..

They choose the colours and the materials they were going to use. I have lots of scraps of materials, but you could also use scraps of material from clothes. We began cutting out the shapes for the ideas.


   Smile your on camera

I showed them how to thread the needles and demonstrated how to sew. Just use scraps of material to begin with to practice on.  Now there was lots of troubleshooting, lots of knots, but they persevered.

Froozen chocolate banana pieces.

Frozen Bananas with chocolate and sprinkles

It can get frustrating for some children, so take a break and leave it aside for a while. Have something nice like we did: yummy frozen banana pieces with sprinkles.


Stitching the mouth onto the character.

We went on to sew the various bits and bobs onto the fabric once they had a few practice runs. I hope you like the photos. All my photos, except my product shots, are taken by me. I don’t have a team of people taking the shots either, so bear with me. Any tips would be gladly taken on board from like-minded photo enthusiasts…. and bloggers.



Two friends helping each other with their designs. It’s good for children to help each other and work out problems together. Stand back and watch.

My daughter decided on using some beads on her key rings. This is the joy of looking at your children creating arts and craft at your kitchen table. My son helped their friend with the sewing.  They get so involved in the creative process. The finished piece went onto the school bags beside a good message from The Road Safety Authority: “Be Safe, Be Seen”.


Hope you are enjoying the Easter break.

Jacinta & Family x