Why is it so hard to get my kids to school on time


Why is it so hard to get my kids to school on time? This is a question my husband and I ask ourselves every morning. If we parents could plug in the energy levels coursing through households in the morning into the electricity grid we’d run the country with it.

Why is it during the holidays they wake at 6am in the morning full of beans, but during school time you nearly have to drag them up?

We get up at 7am and it starts like this (This part we love) – we call them and they wake up. Then they will normally give us their version of ‘We Could be Heros’ or ‘We go Together’ from Grease, which they are learning for their big show in their drama group, or it could be our daughter doing a solo version of ‘You Can Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars, as they are getting dressed.

Then it all begins to go pear shaped…. our daughter will say ‘No, I’m not wearing this’ (they don’t have a school uniform). Our son will sit down and read a book – sure we have all the time in the world! We call from the kitchen in our mansion of a house (not).  No fear of losing our children in this house ;)).

You would think by now, after the tenth time of us calling their names, it might register with them “that is mum/ dad calling me”. But no.

Eventually, breakfast is had. Which can run okay unless you ask “Do you want a boiled egg?” and that’s not heard by one of them. When they come to the table, you are met with “where is my egg?” and a very long face…..

And even though you have put the coats and shoes out the night before, made the lunches, make sure they have their teeth brushed, their hair brushed, hair bands and hats uncovered, there are more delays. We are going to be late. Again. All the time the energy levels mount. There’s the messing, more singing, the playing, the fighting, the shouting and the screaming. Now, we can’t hear ourselves think.

Eventually, it’s all systems go. Scooters, bikes, whatever mode of transport, are mobilised. Then, our son says “I don’t want to wear my helmet” or “it’s too tight or too loose”.

We are off and you exhale. Half way down the road you look at your daughter’s back and see no school bag. Your mind clouds over and you try and drift off to a tropical island with a cocktail in hand. You take a deep breath in and accept this is parenthood, at it’s worst, and it’s funniest.

Check out this funny YouTube link of The Holderness family….