The Softies are on an adventure down in Dingle..


Siopa na bhFíodóirí

Flowery, Lula and The Sock Detective have gone on an adventureWhat better place to stay than with Lisbeth Mulcahy in her Siopa na bhFíodóirí (The Weavers’ Shop), Green Street, Dingle, Co.Kerry. Lisbeth is originally from Denmark and moved over here in the 70s. She is well known for her abstract tapestries and is influenced by her surroundings. She really has no end to inspiration for her work in this beautiful county. Lisbeth’s husband Louis Mulcahy, is a well known potter. You will find Louis Mulachy’s showrooms down the road towards Slea head in Ballyferriter.

Original characters. Inspired by my children's drawings

Original characters. Inspired by my children’s drawings

Our children enjoying Murphys Icecream on a got summers day

Our children enjoying Murphys Icecream on a got summers day

The past two years we have holidayed in Co.Kerry. Last year, we spent a week in Camp, halfway between Tralee and Dingle. The sky decided to throw a wet, grey blanket over itself for the week we were there. But we got up every morning, determined to chase the blue sky, wherever it was and we did manage to find it most days. One day we ventured into Dingle. The children sampled Murphy’s Icecream which gave them a spring in their step.

One of the days we went to Dingle and decided we would travel on to Slea head. Driving around those narrow turns with sheer drops isn’t my idea of fun! It really is a white knuckle ride.But there were squeaks of joy from the kids. We arrived near the Blasket Islands, which are really breathtaking. The name means Brasker, meaning ‘a dangerous place’. As I said earlier the name is fitting….


The beautiful views in Co. Kerry. Remember to have the camera on stand by…

You will find houses along the way with signs outside for tea and cake. If you stop you will wind up in someone’s kitchen, a great way of experiencing the cupán tea and a slice of apple tart, with a version of Mrs. Doyle or the Irish mammy going “you will, you will”…..

We were in Kerry the week before The rose of Tralee festival, so there were lots of preparations going on in the town. We had a lovely lunch in Mary Annes Tearooms. The children loved the waitress who served us and the soup and sandwiches were really tasty.


Inch Beach, relaxing lazy days at the beach…..

Some highlights for us was Inch beach, it really is one of the most beautiful strands. On the very last day the sun came out to play and our children took full advantage of this, leaving the car door open, sandals got thrown in the air and they ran at full speed down to the beach. We arrived at around 10 and we stayed until after 6. They built their own little paddling pool and they were seen trying to save their pool from the incoming tide. We ended the day by treating ourselves to dinner in Sammy’s cafe. But all good things come to an end and memories have been made, until our next holiday….which I hope will come soon….






The Vikings are back


Vikings are ‘softies’ at heart


The Vikings are back!Gunnar and Védis with logo

And they’re closing in on our national treasures, again.

In collaboration with The National Museum of Ireland,  Scatterpillar Designs has created two Viking softies – Gunnarr, a Viking Warrior and Védis, a Viking Woman – to celebrate the Museum’s Viking Ireland permanent exhibition and its Clontarf 1014 temporary exhibition.

But the days of pillaging and butchery are gone. The new invasion is about creativity and design, with a hint of mischief. The softies were commissioned by the Museum as part of the exhibition documenting the Viking Age in Ireland from c.800 AD to c.1150 AD.

Gunnarr and Védis have a mischievous twist that will appeal to young and not so young alike.

The softies are made and finished to the highest standard and are a combination of digital printing and hand-finishing such as felting and applique. The products are complete with an attractive and fun information sheet on the back of the boxes introducing buyers, the young in particular, to aspects of Viking history and culture.

boxset with logo

‘Gunnarr and Védis are a quirky Viking couple, who are looking for good homes. They promise to behave……just a little!”

“The National Museum of Ireland Gift Shop is delighted to welcome Gunnar and Védis to their next port of call, for sale on our shelves…so long as they keep their hands off our other treasures while they’re here!” said a representative from The National Museum of Ireland.

They were delighted to be featured in The Irish Times, weekend magazine. Thanks to Alanna Gallagher for taking the time to write about the quirky couple.

Gunnarr and Védis softies are on sale in three locations; The National Museum, Kildare Street, Collins Barracks and Country Life, Turlough Park, Mayo. Each Viking softie is available in 30cm and 18cm sizes priced at €49.95 and €29.95 respectively, and can also be purchased as a couple for €59.95. They can be purchased online from Scatterpillar Designs also.