The Genuine Article

The thrill and anticipation of opening up the newspaper or magazine and seeing my business mentioned makes me so proud. It is a genuine story of hard work, determination and belief in an idea. The amount of unpaid hours I put into my work fades away, when I see the name Scatterpillar Designs in the paper. It fills me with a real sense of pride, in what I am trying to achieve. My children love the fact that they have such a big part to play in the story of Scatterpillar Designs.

The story hasn’t been plucked from the air, it’s all thanks to my three children.  As a mum, it’s trying to marry a love of design and family life together. Trying to encapsulate all the memories, which fly by within a whirlwind of childhood.  Helping you hold on to the memories, so you have time to go out and make more.

Just after the launch of my website in November 2013, I got the best publicity ever, when Ryan Tubridy choose one of our creations called “The Angry Eyeball”.

My children were so chuffed. The story we have to tell about the night is, we were watching and my husband came in late from work. He asked was their a sighting “I said “no, I can’t see them”, but then my husband said “he is on the table”.  My little girl said “Mummy, The Angry Eyeball can’t get up on his own”. But just as she had said this Ryan picked him up .He held him up and said the name of my business. So it was a great start for my work. My son was very chuffed and so very proud that his creation was on The Late Late Toy show.

Since the business went live this time last year, I have been lucky to get a few mentions in the national papers. The softies are all very proud and love when they are mentioned. They love going off on adventures and photo shoots.

The Irish Examiner

The Irish Examiner featured my work in December 2013, the article was written by Claire O’Sullivan.

Also in January of 2014 I was very proud to have my work chosen for Creative Island, Showcase.

In January 2014 Scatterpillar Designs was mentioned in a lot of online articles leading up to the show.

In march 2014, I was featured in an article in The Irish Examiner by Áilín Quinlan, along with a few more enterprising individuals.

Gunnar and Védis with logo

In October 2014, my quirky viking couple Gunnarr and Védis were featured in The Irish Times magazine in on article by Alanna Gallagher. They are looking for good homes and promise to behave themselves. They are on sale in The National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street, Collins Barracks or Country Life, Turlough Park or you can contact me here. November the 29th, my work was featured in The Irish Independent, Weekend Magazine.

Another lovely mention in The Irish Independent supplement The Mothers and Babies Magazine 3rd of December 2014. The magazine has just gone interactive today with podcasts, videos, picture galleries as well as an abundance of interactive content.