In Ireland it never rains….

In Ireland it never rains, but it pours. That is a certainty . When you go on holidays, the sun is splitting the trees the week before you go. It’s the luck of the draw, regarding the ‘odd shower’, when you look up the weather forecast before you set off on your journey. You google again on the way down and it has turned from the odd shower into blustery winds.

Audio books were a saviour on the drive down in the car on our holidays in Kerry this year. Our son picked out the music: Hozier, Pink Floyd and The National and, for good measure, The Beatles. I was impressed when he showed me. There was the odd killing in the back of the car between the two kids on the way, even with forward planning. We were glad that we had sort of built a wall between the two of them with clothes that wouldn’t fit in the boot.

Another good tip is no hard objects, which could be grabbed and used as missiles…..


Kingdom waves surfing school, Inch Beach


My kids after their surfing, Inch Beach, Dingle

A week in Ireland, regardless of the rain, is worthwhile. I was never a sun worshipper. I just frizzle, freckle and burn. Thankfully my kids don’t have my skin. Our kids went surfing for the first time on Inch Beach with Kingdom waves surf school. The smiles on their faces told the tale of pure enjoyment.


Our son ….

My son, one of the days, said ” Mum can we climb the mountain and touch the clouds”, whilst driving over the Caherconree Pass.   What did happen was we had a stand off with a lorry, as you do, while the clouds looked like they were gripping hold of the mountain and about to crawl down towards us.

Highlights for us this year was Castlegregory Beach and The Maharees, and having a game of hurling on one of the strands. We ate dinner in Sheehy’s Anchor Down, Dingle which is very reasonably priced for families. It only opened its doors in July. When we stepped out the door after dinner, we heard Irish music being played with gusto next door in Siopa Ceoil.


The local cat is working in the box office outside Siopa Ceoil

We even got to pay a visit to Lisbeth Mulcahy in Dingle to see Lula, Flowery and The Sock Detective.

In Ireland it rains,  but it rains candyfloss. This is what my daughter called this latest embroidered artwork ” Look it’s raining candyfloss, mum”. It is based on an original drawing by her. Children don’t see the rain, they see lots of opportunities for fun…….


“Look it’s raining candyfloss Mum”