Marbling inks with kids

I decided to buy marbling inks for the kids during the summer. I thought in between summer camps and day trips it would be an interesting art activity to make with them.

Here is a list of what you needmarblingstirringinkwm

Old T-shirts

A tray we used an old pyrex dish



Marbling inks


Fill the tray with water. Allow your child to choose the colours, squeeze the different colours they have choosen into the tray. A small amount is needed from the different bottles.

marblingstirringwmOnce this is done your child can use a paintbrush to move the ink around and create a pattern or sometimes, we left the little droplets without touching them.

Gently pat the paper in the tray

Gently pat the paper in the tray

Now you can hold one corner of the paper and take it up out of the tray. This is where a big smile should  spread across your kids face once they see the patterns they are creating.pullingitupfrominkwm

marblingpullingitupwmAs one of our friends children was starting a big adventure in secondary school, we decided to send some cards to her. So the kids choose from all the different patterns.

Lots of beautiful paper

Lots of beautiful paper

They decided to draw and use some of the paper like a collage. Just tear up some of the sheets and stick them with pritt stick to the drawing.

marbling inks, fun with you kids

Using markers and different coloured paper to make a card.

Marbling Inks, fun with your kids

One of the cards made for our friend

Now be careful when your child hands you a blocked tube of ink. If like me you squirt it and an explosion happens, you look at your kids either side of you splattered with orange ink.  I don’t have any photographic evidence of this. But what you do then is laugh, because that is what this is all about it’s  about having fun with your kids….

Jacinta & Family xx


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