My children’s world

My children’s world at the moment is about having fun and being active…….

Summer camps are great. We parents can live in hope that they use up all that energy by the time we collect them!

Having the kids in summer camp is allowing me  to get some work done. I promised I would show you some more, so here is the next piece (shown above). It is from a drawing that my son did two years ago. He was sitting at the kitchen table and he drew this along with his dad. They are small, but I kept them as I just loved the way he drew the fingers and reaching out with the long arm . So I decided to put in the heart. When I showed the finished piece to my son, he called it “I love you this much…”. As always, I’m trying to capture a moment in my child’s life.

I use free motion embroidery from an original drawing from my son. This is on sale in my online shop, I can incorporate different wordings, e.g names of different people, be it “I love you this much mum/dad/granny/daughter’s (name) or son’s name”. Just let me know. Again the heart is detachable

When the kids come home I find they are still wired to the moon and asking the question “what are we doing now mummy?” This week our son was in soccer camp and my daughter in Cul Camps. We are trying to encourage them to save their money and paying for things themselves, so their birthday money went towards helping to pay for the summer camps.

Our  son won player of the week last week in soccer camp. So he was quitely chuffed. To the boy who wasn’t sure he wanted to play soccer and now loves it. Thanks to the encouragement of the volunteers who run the summer camps.

So far, so good. They really are enjoying their summer.20150717_152913

Hope your children are having fun also…



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