My children’s world


There is joy and wonder, when you see the world through the eyes of your children….

I am really pleased to show you some new work. I have been busy over the past couple of months on a lot of different projects. I set aside time to just play like a child with embroidery and see what came out of it. So I was wondering how to introduce you to this work. What I think works best is over a series of blogs, I will introduce each piece.


A little unsteady, but ready to take off…

what's art without a little heart....It’s been a special time over the past week, as our children had their birthday. So I thought it was fitting to launch my new work around their special day. As it is thanks to them that this selection of work has come about. They are my little interns and love that this business is about our family.

The new work I have produced has taken a lot of time, as anyone knows it’s trial and error. Sometimes a piece works and then sometimes I spend ages on one piece to find that something doesn’t quiet sit right in my eyes. Then it is put away for another day, when I might pull it out again and think yes, I’m ready to go back to it.

When I began this series, I wanted to combine different elements of childhood. My children are writing now, so I thought it would be great to incorporate this into the artwork. This work you see (below) is called  “I give you my heart”. It came about through revisiting “The Big Hearted Giant”. I always liked him and thought the heart could be 3-Dimensional and could be worn by the person. It could be placed back up into the frame when not worn. I also wanted to allow the client the option of giving me fabric that is personal to them.

To be continued

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My children took my heart the minute they were placed into my arms….