My dream dog…

IMG_20160314_094555 (1)My dream dog…..that’s what my daughter wrote the morning after we got Harry.

Harry came into our lives last Saturday. It was a bit of a surprise; one that is very welcome. He is such a chilled out dog. We have spoken about getting a dog for ages and, for us, that means for two years. Having twins, adding a dog to the madness when they were young was not in the equation. It’s only in the past two years that we really started to seriously think about getting a dog. We had always thought a rescue dog and on and off over the past couple of years we have gone to the DSPCA, Dog’s Aid and Dogs Trust. But trying to get the right match and to decide on a dog is really hard. As it is such a big decision.

Sitting in the car early last week waiting for my children to finish an activity, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a post from his owner on Miniature Schnauzer Ireland. Harry’s owner could not keep him due to work commitment.

I texted the owner and, needless to say, a lot of people did. I had been in touch with a lovely woman called Pam from The Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Ireland back in November and she said to stay in touch. So I decided to get her advice regarding Harry and she came back straight away with lots of advice. His owner told me he had met other people, but on Saturday he decided, once he’d seen the kids, that we would be Harry’s new family.

It was very emotional for Harry’s owner and we all felt very emotional for taking Harry from his owner and I kept saying “are you sure?”. But he felt it was the right thing to do, as his work hours had changed.

Harry batting his eyebrows;))

Harry batting his eyebrows;))

We all sat in silence for a while. I think we needed to pinch ourselves to realise we had a dog in the back of the car going home. All we could say on and off was “I can’t believe it, we have a dog”. We were a bit apprehensive and to add to the madness we had two extra kids over for a sleepover Saturday night. But Harry loves kids and was in his element with all the entertainment.harrydadinbackground

This is a photo of Harry supervising my dad :)) in the garden.  Derek from A.B.S  DIY supplies thank you for helping me out with the measurements for the fencing.

Harry is an absolute credit to his previous owner.  He is so named because when the owner brought him home Harry Potter was on the television.

When I brought him to the vet today he couldn’t get over how white his teeth were. He said he was so well looked after and a really handsome dog.

We agreed how, when you throw something out to the universe, it does happen sometimes that you get what you dream of…

Jacinta and Co x


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  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Well done for rescuing Harry, I’m sure you will have many years of fun and laughter with him! 3 of my 5 schnauzers are rescues (2 from Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Ireland) and they are the most wonderful breed to have in your life! Enjoy!!

    • Jacinta
      Jacinta says:

      Thanks Michelle, he was well looked after by his previous owner. It’s just that he was working full time, so he did the right thing by finding a new home for him. He is very well behaved and at this very moment asleep under my desk while I work :)). He is great with the kids and loves nothing better than having tug “o” war with them or chase around the house. But then he will cuddle beside them also whilst watching tv or reading a book, so a great family dog.


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