Stamp of approval at International Exhibition


I received an email from Plymouth University last November. It was from Pete Davis, Director of the MA Postgraduate programmes in Design and his research assistant Sophie Harbour inviting me to take part in an exhibition called Envelope. I was intrigued by what I read.


The exhibition called for leading designers and emerging designers from across the world, with contributions from Australia, the United States, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and much of Europe, to send what they valued and are valuing in an envelope.


Among the most notable names contributing to the exhibition are award-winning British designers Tom Dixon OBE and Michael Marriott, German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, Japanese furniture designer Tomoko Azumi and Spanish designer Martí Guixé. Dutch trio Marijn Van Oosten, Marcel Wanders and Gijs Bakker also feature, as does New York graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, and Guardian cartoonist and illustrator Steven Appleby.

I was humbled to be invited to take part at such an unique exhibition in the Peninsula Arts Gallery.



I set about thinking about what I could place in the envelope – asking the question, “What do I value as a person and as a designer?

My values in my work as a designer are deeply connected to my experience as a parent. Through my children’s drawings, I am conveying the story of family life and childhood. My commission work is based on helping parents hold onto the memories of childhood, through interpreting their drawings and using their children’s clothes to create special keepsakes.