Happy Mother’s Day from one Mum to another ….

Happy Mother’s Day from one mum to another for our giveaway of a portrait made from your child’s drawing. Thanks for sending in your drawings to us. We printed them off and put them into a box. One of the kids took the special drawing from the box. The one choosen is…..

Joanna Kamińska-Wujek .

Drawing by Joanna’s eldest son.

Joanna sent in a drawing by her oldest son who is taking after his mother I think. Joanna is a fellow artist who goes under the name of Jokamin and we met each other at the Glucksman Gallery at their Christmas craft fair. As it so happens she is having an exhibition down in Pana Bread Bakery in Cork. So if your around the area and want to bring home a beautiful painting along with some bread head over.

I hope you like what I decided to do with your eldest son’s drawing Joanna. I decided to use some hand embroidery and mixed it with some machine embroidery to create a textile sculpture.

Close up of Hand Embroidery


For me the drawing starts to dictate sometimes what to do. In this case I wanted to try out a couple of different techniques and have some fun with the whole process.

Going over the hand embroidery with some machine embroidery

Here is the whole process photographed. I really loved the freedom of working on this portrait and turning it into a textile sculpture.

Mother's day portait

The cheeks and the mouth are all hand embroidered

It all started to take shape with the hair. I used a coiling technique and added little hearts to the end of the hair.

Coiling technique

Coiling technique which I used for the hair.

Mother's day portrait

Adding some fabric for the clothes using applique.

Close up of the butterfly

Close up of a the little butterfly perched on her shoulder.

Mothers day detail of portrait

Detail of portrait

Mother's day portriat

Finished portrait of a mother as a textile sculpture.

I hope you like it and I decided to add embroidered text to the piece ” Happiness is like a butterfly”


Happiness is like a butterfly qoute

Happiness is like

Happiness is like qoute machine embroidery

Mothers day

Mother’s day the fished piece. Textile sculpture

If you would like a commissioned portrait please get in touch. You have the choice of sending a drawing or sending a photograph and I will create a textile sculpture just for you. Send it to here

Also check out our family collection.


Draw your mother’s portrait for Mother’s day giveaway

Draw your mother’s portrait for Mother’s Day giveaway and allow us turn it into a softie cushion here at Scatterpillar Designs for Mother’s day. Maybe picture as your super human hero or whatever comes into your mind at the time. Send your drawings to

This is  also for the dads spend some time with your little ones being creative.  Take a photograph of mum or print a photograph and have the photograph on the table. Grab the paper, crayons, markers, paint whatever comes to hand and have some fun drawing.

It also can be educational have a look at how other artists draw portraits such as Picasso his cubist style using shapes. You can talk about the different shapes  and what shapes they can see within peoples faces. Have your child draw out the different shapes, colour in shapes, cut them out and make face collages.

Picasso Pablo (dit), Ruiz Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Paris, musÈe Picasso. MP166.

Paul Klee is a particular favourite of mine, who taught at the Bauhaus in Weimar from 1921 to 1926.

The first objective is to have lots of creative fun with them drawing. they are lots of different ideas that spring from a child’s mind once they sit down to draw. So I am really looking forward to the results.

All you have to do is

Please note this giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by either facebook or  Instagram and by entering you are over 18+ and agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in Instagram and Facebook. Looking forward to seeing all the creativity and have fun creating.

 Family portraits

Family Portraits of us, even though my son wanted blonde hair in this one ….

One lucky winner will have their portrait of their mum made into a selfie cushion. The competition closes on Wednesday 15th of March 9pm GMT. Open worldwide. Decision is final


Personalised soft toy created from birthday boy’s drawing

One very happy face, was followed today by a very happy birthday boy. I love working on commissions, as you never know what you are going to be presented with. It’s all one big surprise for me and for the child at the end of the process.

The character that I brought to life this time had a big grin literally from ear to ear…



My children loved his eyes. Whilst sewing, I wasn’t sure what way I was going to sew the eyes, whether to work it freestyle machine or applique. But it reminded me of the children’s story from Hans Christian Andersen called The Tinder box.

may161closeupofeyewmIn the story the soldier meets three dogs and each one has huge eyes. One dog has eyes as big as windmills. 

I received a picture this morning of the birthday boy with his creation. His mum said he had a very happy face and was grinning from ear to ear, just like his character.


If you would like a similar commission just click on this link to see all our personalised gifts in our Gallery.  You can choose from a soft toy, cushion or framed artwork. You can send your child’s drawing through our order form here or send me a message on our facebook page.

We also have a range of softies, cushions and framed work that are from my own kids imagination, which can be bought in our online shop. Payment is by paypal, just contact me directly by email

Looking forward to seeing more characters brought to life….




Enjoy the little things in life, because they become the most important things….

My children’s world is about enjoying the small things, as they really do become the most important things when you look back. I was saying this to someone during the week, with reference to holidays. One thing our children still talk about is the time we had to eat the picnic out of the booth of our car, because it was raining. They still laugh about and think it was great fun. Now that’s what makes good memories. They become the great days you remember in years to come.

My son finished early this week from his summer camp, so I got to spend time with him on his own. On two of the days we went out to the Phoenix Park. cloudwatchingjuly15 The first day he decided we should do a bit of cloud watching. Try this with your children, you can come up with some amazing scenes, if the clouds are right. We saw a bear, a unicorn, a warrior and a host of different characters. On the second day we decided we would go for a walk, listening along the way to grasshoppers and then my son took off after a butterfly. It’s something you would never dream of doing, as an adult, but children really do make you revert back to being a child again.

chasingbutterfliesjuly15This particular day, there was loads of butterflies. My son couldn’t make up his mind which way to run, as they appeared to be darting every direction in order to unwittingly cause amusing confusion. Which sent us both into a fit of laughterl.

For the next, new embroidered work, I decided I wanted to have fun and use mixed media. I made the little house first. It was in my studio for a while. I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to place it. For me I have to leave some pieces, just sit for a while, move away from them and then come back later. I am really looking forward to developing these further. My daughter decided on the name  ‘Great Days’. Hoping you create great days with you and yours……



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My children’s world


There is joy and wonder, when you see the world through the eyes of your children….

I am really pleased to show you some new work. I have been busy over the past couple of months on a lot of different projects. I set aside time to just play like a child with embroidery and see what came out of it. So I was wondering how to introduce you to this work. What I think works best is over a series of blogs, I will introduce each piece.


A little unsteady, but ready to take off…

what's art without a little heart....It’s been a special time over the past week, as our children had their birthday. So I thought it was fitting to launch my new work around their special day. As it is thanks to them that this selection of work has come about. They are my little interns and love that this business is about our family.

The new work I have produced has taken a lot of time, as anyone knows it’s trial and error. Sometimes a piece works and then sometimes I spend ages on one piece to find that something doesn’t quiet sit right in my eyes. Then it is put away for another day, when I might pull it out again and think yes, I’m ready to go back to it.

When I began this series, I wanted to combine different elements of childhood. My children are writing now, so I thought it would be great to incorporate this into the artwork. This work you see (below) is called  “I give you my heart”. It came about through revisiting “The Big Hearted Giant”. I always liked him and thought the heart could be 3-Dimensional and could be worn by the person. It could be placed back up into the frame when not worn. I also wanted to allow the client the option of giving me fabric that is personal to them.

To be continued

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My children took my heart the minute they were placed into my arms….


Imagined by your child, designed by Scatterpillar Designs

Here is another snippet from the short film. Imagined by your child, designed by Scatterpillar Designs..

Stamp of approval at International Exhibition


I received an email from Plymouth University last November. It was from Pete Davis, Director of the MA Postgraduate programmes in Design and his research assistant Sophie Harbour inviting me to take part in an exhibition called Envelope. I was intrigued by what I read.


The exhibition called for leading designers and emerging designers from across the world, with contributions from Australia, the United States, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and much of Europe, to send what they valued and are valuing in an envelope.


Among the most notable names contributing to the exhibition are award-winning British designers Tom Dixon OBE and Michael Marriott, German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, Japanese furniture designer Tomoko Azumi and Spanish designer Martí Guixé. Dutch trio Marijn Van Oosten, Marcel Wanders and Gijs Bakker also feature, as does New York graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, and Guardian cartoonist and illustrator Steven Appleby.

I was humbled to be invited to take part at such an unique exhibition in the Peninsula Arts Gallery.



I set about thinking about what I could place in the envelope – asking the question, “What do I value as a person and as a designer?

My values in my work as a designer are deeply connected to my experience as a parent. Through my children’s drawings, I am conveying the story of family life and childhood. My commission work is based on helping parents hold onto the memories of childhood, through interpreting their drawings and using their children’s clothes to create special keepsakes.

Showtime Again

Jacinta Leigh Scatterpillar designs with two of her creations Flowery and Lula

I am really thrilled that I have been chosen to exhibit at Creative Island again in Showcase, January 2015. All of the exhibitors that have been picked are showcasing the very best that Ireland has to offer in contemporary design and craft. It is a great achievement for me as a designer/mother to attend this trade show.

Showcase is held every year in January at the RDS, Simmonscourt.  It will take place on the 18th-21st of January. It attracts buyers from home and abroad. Showcase is the first major trade show to mark ID2015, a year of Irish Design, a government run initiative to explore, promote and celebrate Irish design.

“In today’s global market, provenance and heritage add value, desirability and exclusivity to products. Creative Island showcases 91 talented designers who are combining traditional methods and materials with contemporary design ideas, creating a new standard in modern heritage and luxury.”

Emma McGrath, Trade Development Manager,DCCOI, Design Craft Council of Ireland.

Last year I got such great feedback and some lovely commissions. I had only launched my business in November 2013, so I was really new to all of it. I have learn’t so much in the past year.

I’ve had a lot of fun on different private commissions and The Vikings Gunnarr and Védis. This was through The National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street. They appeared in The Irish Times weekend section.

The softies are really looking forward to going on another adventure. Where will they end up this time?