Happy Mother’s Day from one Mum to another ….

Happy Mother’s Day from one mum to another for our giveaway of a portrait made from your child’s drawing. Thanks for sending in your drawings to us. We printed them off and put them into a box. One of the kids took the special drawing from the box. The one choosen is…..

Joanna Kamińska-Wujek .

Drawing by Joanna’s eldest son.

Joanna sent in a drawing by her oldest son who is taking after his mother I think. Joanna is a fellow artist who goes under the name of Jokamin and we met each other at the Glucksman Gallery at their Christmas craft fair. As it so happens she is having an exhibition down in Pana Bread Bakery in Cork. So if your around the area and want to bring home a beautiful painting along with some bread head over.

I hope you like what I decided to do with your eldest son’s drawing Joanna. I decided to use some hand embroidery and mixed it with some machine embroidery to create a textile sculpture.

Close up of Hand Embroidery


For me the drawing starts to dictate sometimes what to do. In this case I wanted to try out a couple of different techniques and have some fun with the whole process.

Going over the hand embroidery with some machine embroidery

Here is the whole process photographed. I really loved the freedom of working on this portrait and turning it into a textile sculpture.

Mother's day portait

The cheeks and the mouth are all hand embroidered

It all started to take shape with the hair. I used a coiling technique and added little hearts to the end of the hair.

Coiling technique

Coiling technique which I used for the hair.

Mother's day portrait

Adding some fabric for the clothes using applique.

Close up of the butterfly

Close up of a the little butterfly perched on her shoulder.

Mothers day detail of portrait

Detail of portrait

Mother's day portriat

Finished portrait of a mother as a textile sculpture.

I hope you like it and I decided to add embroidered text to the piece ” Happiness is like a butterfly”


Happiness is like a butterfly qoute

Happiness is like

Happiness is like qoute machine embroidery

Mothers day

Mother’s day the fished piece. Textile sculpture

If you would like a commissioned portrait please get in touch. You have the choice of sending a drawing or sending a photograph and I will create a textile sculpture just for you. Send it to here

Also check out our family collection.


“You’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on”

familyheadvickeebustop2016wmI heard these words on the radio, “You’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on”, doing the school run last week. There was an eruption of laughter from the kids in the back of the car. “Mum, you say that all the time” and it’s so true. We used to laugh as kids at my mother coming out with these one liners and now my own kids are doing it. We are a “strange kettle of fish” us mummies.

Couples or families in general, the sayings and quirks that one inherits are sometimes hilarious. Last year, I was thinking about this and how what I do is very much a family business. I wanted to come up with ways to show family life and life in general.

This is how the ideas for the portraits came about. It started over a year ago, looking at our children’s drawings of us. I made the heads and, as I always do, put them aside for a while. I even had them photographed last year by Marc  O’ Sullivan. I decided now is the time to take them out and show them in all their glory.


My husband, who is with me every step of this adventure, didn’t want to be left out of the photo shoot. It is a family affair after all. Our son decided to have an alter ego and opted for a different head. On the day of this photo shoot it was pretty rushed affair, but we had a good laugh and, thanks to Marc, got some great shots.

The heads are fun and quirky, not taking life too seriously (life is serious enough). We hope you enjoy them and now you can order your very own portrait here. For now just get in contact with me

They are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen and fleece. They are stuffed with Hypo-allergenic stuffing. These are completely  handmade. They are not mass produced copies, so they are really unique keepsakes of your family. They are ideal presents for a couple or a family.

You have the option of leaving it to us, just send us your photograph or send in your/ child’s drawing and we will work with you to create your very own handmade one-of-a-kind portrait. After all it is a family business….keep coming back as there is more to come.


Enjoy the little things in life, because they become the most important things….

My children’s world is about enjoying the small things, as they really do become the most important things when you look back. I was saying this to someone during the week, with reference to holidays. One thing our children still talk about is the time we had to eat the picnic out of the booth of our car, because it was raining. They still laugh about and think it was great fun. Now that’s what makes good memories. They become the great days you remember in years to come.

My son finished early this week from his summer camp, so I got to spend time with him on his own. On two of the days we went out to the Phoenix Park. cloudwatchingjuly15 The first day he decided we should do a bit of cloud watching. Try this with your children, you can come up with some amazing scenes, if the clouds are right. We saw a bear, a unicorn, a warrior and a host of different characters. On the second day we decided we would go for a walk, listening along the way to grasshoppers and then my son took off after a butterfly. It’s something you would never dream of doing, as an adult, but children really do make you revert back to being a child again.

chasingbutterfliesjuly15This particular day, there was loads of butterflies. My son couldn’t make up his mind which way to run, as they appeared to be darting every direction in order to unwittingly cause amusing confusion. Which sent us both into a fit of laughterl.

For the next, new embroidered work, I decided I wanted to have fun and use mixed media. I made the little house first. It was in my studio for a while. I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to place it. For me I have to leave some pieces, just sit for a while, move away from them and then come back later. I am really looking forward to developing these further. My daughter decided on the name  ‘Great Days’. Hoping you create great days with you and yours……



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Imagined by your child, designed by Scatterpillar Designs

Here is another snippet from the short film. Imagined by your child, designed by Scatterpillar Designs..

The Vikings are back


Vikings are ‘softies’ at heart


The Vikings are back!Gunnar and Védis with logo

And they’re closing in on our national treasures, again.

In collaboration with The National Museum of Ireland,  Scatterpillar Designs has created two Viking softies – Gunnarr, a Viking Warrior and Védis, a Viking Woman – to celebrate the Museum’s Viking Ireland permanent exhibition and its Clontarf 1014 temporary exhibition.

But the days of pillaging and butchery are gone. The new invasion is about creativity and design, with a hint of mischief. The softies were commissioned by the Museum as part of the exhibition documenting the Viking Age in Ireland from c.800 AD to c.1150 AD.

Gunnarr and Védis have a mischievous twist that will appeal to young and not so young alike.

The softies are made and finished to the highest standard and are a combination of digital printing and hand-finishing such as felting and applique. The products are complete with an attractive and fun information sheet on the back of the boxes introducing buyers, the young in particular, to aspects of Viking history and culture.

boxset with logo

‘Gunnarr and Védis are a quirky Viking couple, who are looking for good homes. They promise to behave……just a little!”

“The National Museum of Ireland Gift Shop is delighted to welcome Gunnar and Védis to their next port of call, for sale on our shelves…so long as they keep their hands off our other treasures while they’re here!” said a representative from The National Museum of Ireland.

They were delighted to be featured in The Irish Times, weekend magazine. Thanks to Alanna Gallagher for taking the time to write about the quirky couple.

Gunnarr and Védis softies are on sale in three locations; The National Museum, Kildare Street, Collins Barracks and Country Life, Turlough Park, Mayo. Each Viking softie is available in 30cm and 18cm sizes priced at €49.95 and €29.95 respectively, and can also be purchased as a couple for €59.95. They can be purchased online from Scatterpillar Designs also.

Christmas markets

There is so much going on at this time of the year, it’s hard to keep track of all the different Christmas markets that are on around the country. So here is a round up of whats happening in the coming weeks, I also wanted to include a couple of fellow designers, who are taking part in some of the Christmas markets.

Unfortunately due to my accident last week I’m unable to attend. If your not filled in on my story, I have a torn ligament in my ankle grade 2. So I am crutches for the moment. People are saying, that these things happen for a reason, well I hope it becomes clear in time.. Multi-Artist Image

First up is a Christmas Pop Up Store in Pollexfen House Studios Sligo. They will feature some of Irelands leading Artists, Designers and Craftworkers in Photography, Fine Art, Metalwork, Illustration and Fashion.The pop up store will run from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of December. Join them on Friday afternoon from 5-8pm, for a festive launch with music and fundraising for DVAS. On Saturday and Sunday the Store will open from 10am -7pm.
The link to their facebook page is
There is still time to get in touch with Scatterpillar Designs, as regards giving a present of a lovely gift Voucher from us. So do get in contact. It makes a lovely present for a child, be the child yours, your godchild, Niece, Nephew or grandchild. gift-buttonThey can draw their picture with their new art materials from Santa. In the new year, send the image to me and I will create a softie from their drawing.
I wanted to include a couple of fellow designers, who are exhibiting at Creative Island next year. Claire Hurley designs and creates really unusual limited edition hats, headwear and accessories inspired by heritage and fantasy.

Claire Hurley also has a beautiful range of  bags using recycled materials from leather jackets and tweed.  Check out her collection on her facebook page. If you are looking for unusual hats or bags, that are totally handmade in Ireland and very favourably priced don’t be shy and contact Claire.
Next up is Naoimh Prim Hand printed Textiles, who will also be exhibiting at Creative Island. Naoimh takes her inspiration from the nature. She designs and prints on natural fabrics like linen and cotton. Her range includes scarves and accessories.

 Naoimh has a facebook and a website page, where she can be contacted.


The National Crafts Fair is happening on the 3rd and 7th of December. There is a wealth of talented hardworking people in this country, a lot who work all year for this event. Check the listing here. Some names include Liz Christy, Aiden Smyth, Big Leap Designs to name but a few.

Djinn Jewellery, Simon Phelan designed our wedding rings and also designed a chain for a precious little elephant pendant that my husband gave me in memory of our son.

If you can’t make The National Craft Fair check out his shop on Wexford Street, there are some beautiful pieces from Simon,such as this picture called Marine Protozoans. He also has some work by Joi D’Art and some really unusual textiles and jewellery from the Far East.



I  also want to include a brilliant Photographer, Marc O’ Sullivan . Marc is so helpful regarding photographing my work.I hear he is selling some beautiful prints of his own work. So email him or send a message on facebook.





Dublin Flea and Block T have their Christmas Cracker market on the 12th, 13th and 14th of December, it will take place in Smithfield. Check out Monofaces, who will be selling there range of printed Tote bags and baby wear at the Christmas Cracker Market.    Also on Merrion Square there will be a Christmas market this Saturday the 29th of November called Craft on the Square. Check out Pierce Healy Studio for his unusual engraved Jewellery, every piece tells a good story. Also Moobles and Toobles with their monochrome range of children/ babies wear.

If you would like to make your own presents Print Block on Cork Street offers courses in screen printing your own Christmas presents.

Marley park also has a crafts fair this weekend please click here for a full listing. Nicola Browne,Clasheen will be showing her range of natural felt cushions and scarves.  Ben Og will also be attending with their unusual range of crochet hats. So no excuses, you can bring the kids and the dog for a nice long walk, along with doing some Christmas shopping.

Another great place to bring your family to  is Kilruddery House ,it is on from the 6th of December, their Santa visit is sold out, but they have a lovely Christmas market and the setting is really beautiful.

Have a great time whatever and wherever you decide to go…..