The kids were climbing the walls today

The kids were climbing the walls today. Now, this is after a morning spent in the park. When you have two high energy kids, I find myself trying, like most parents, to find activities that will make them (I can live in hope) want to go to sleep early.

I had heard two years ago about this place, but thought they were too young. Then a cousin said it to me recently, giving it great applause. So, I thought we would try it. It’s called Gravity and it’s a climbing centre.

I thought we would just have a look. But, when we got there, the kids wanted to give it a go. So, they got their climbing shoes and I signed the forms.

They had an instructor to bring them around for 15 mins, showing them the kids’ area. They were shown how to use the climbing wall. My daughter took to it like a duck to water. My son was a little on the cautious side, but, as my daughter pointed, out “he is better than me at this” with not too much concern for this fact.gravityclimbingcentre1

We then went onto the blue zone, where adults and kids are. We were told to stay within the middle of the walls either side, as people jumping off really don’t want to land on you, but on the soft spongy surface. So you need to be alert.

You also need to be careful going underneath the archways or tunnels, as people can be climbing on them. You need to be vigilant.

The instructor showed the kids how to climb some of the bigger walls, until he was confident they knew what they were doing. So he left us to hopefully enjoy “a nice cup of tea”, as he put it.

It was busy, but there was a really nice bunch of people there. My daughter at one stage was trying to attempt the overhang , which was out of her colour zone (the orange colour is what beginners should start on) but a person came over and showed her how he would do it. Then he suggested another area where there was on easier one.gravityclimbingcentre

It seems a great way of empowering your child; strength building, co-ordination all coming into play. It’s also a structured and disciplined way of figuring out how to use their body. It also teaches them how to problem solve, as they have to figure out which rock to chose next to get to their desired destination.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon, well worth the money. My son said the next time I have to join in. So we shall see how that works out. :))

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