Two heads are better than one….



As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”. Especially when you find the right person. Last year we were organising a trip away to celebrate our wedding anniversary and 10 years of marriage, when we got a phone call from a friend. He rang to say that they had set the date to get married. When he said when, we went ‘what?’ Of all the 364 other days, they were getting married the day of our anniversary.

On the day itself, the heavens opened, but I think the couple were so swept away with each other that it didn’t matter. Myself and himself were so glad to get away for the night. As it turned out, the wedding was in Tinnakilly Country House. We had drinks in the house and then the wedding was outside in the marquee. Now, when I say marquee, this is no ordinary one. I walked into it with a friend of ours and it took both our breaths away. It was like a Christmas Fairytale, it was so beautiful.  We had a great shindig….

Now, when it comes to wedding presents, we didn’t know what to get. I was working on my heads and thought “Why not a portrait”. So I got a photo of the couple in question and began to play around with some samples. I have never worked on a embroidered portrait before. I have been known in the past to do some portraits for people. I have to say I so enjoyed working on it.


I sketched out onto the fabric the image and played around with the hat for a while. I didn’t want this portrait looking like a replica of the photo, so a lot of samples were done beforehand.portraitcloseupofeyes

I love people’s eyes; ‘the window to the soul’. I also played around with using different materials for the hair.


I wanted to make it very special to the couple in question so I added a line from a piece that was read out at their wedding. It was written by Maeve Binchy.



“Learn to type. Learn to drive. Have fun. Write postcards. (Letters take too long and you won’t do it, a postcard takes two minutes.) Be punctual. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking. They are not thinking about you. Write quickly. (Taking longer doesn’t usually make it better.) Get up early. See the world. Call everybody by their first name, from doctors to presidents. Have parties. Don’t agonise. Don’t regret. Don’t fuss. Never brood. Move on. Don’t wait for permission to be happy. Don’t wait for permission to do anything. Make your own life, and when you meet somebody who is more important to you than yourself, that has to be the most important thing in life.”maevebinchypoem1


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Jacinta and family xx

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