The Vikings are back


Vikings are ‘softies’ at heart


The Vikings are back!Gunnar and Védis with logo

And they’re closing in on our national treasures, again.

In collaboration with The National Museum of Ireland,  Scatterpillar Designs has created two Viking softies – Gunnarr, a Viking Warrior and Védis, a Viking Woman – to celebrate the Museum’s Viking Ireland permanent exhibition and its Clontarf 1014 temporary exhibition.

But the days of pillaging and butchery are gone. The new invasion is about creativity and design, with a hint of mischief. The softies were commissioned by the Museum as part of the exhibition documenting the Viking Age in Ireland from c.800 AD to c.1150 AD.

Gunnarr and Védis have a mischievous twist that will appeal to young and not so young alike.

The softies are made and finished to the highest standard and are a combination of digital printing and hand-finishing such as felting and applique. The products are complete with an attractive and fun information sheet on the back of the boxes introducing buyers, the young in particular, to aspects of Viking history and culture.

boxset with logo

‘Gunnarr and Védis are a quirky Viking couple, who are looking for good homes. They promise to behave……just a little!”

“The National Museum of Ireland Gift Shop is delighted to welcome Gunnar and Védis to their next port of call, for sale on our shelves…so long as they keep their hands off our other treasures while they’re here!” said a representative from The National Museum of Ireland.

They were delighted to be featured in The Irish Times, weekend magazine. Thanks to Alanna Gallagher for taking the time to write about the quirky couple.

Gunnarr and Védis softies are on sale in three locations; The National Museum, Kildare Street, Collins Barracks and Country Life, Turlough Park, Mayo. Each Viking softie is available in 30cm and 18cm sizes priced at €49.95 and €29.95 respectively, and can also be purchased as a couple for €59.95. They can be purchased online from Scatterpillar Designs also.